See you later, Waiter!


With the rising trend of automated restaurants where people literally have to interact with no one, comes the need to have technology and design back that scenario. Enter the Bellder, a tablet that takes care of everything for you from ordering, to notifying, to acting as a payment gateway. Each patron entering the restaurant gets handed a Bellder. Its design is sleek enough to seem appealing but bulky enough to not get stolen, or break (with rough usage). The Bellder acts as a menu card, allowing users to order food visually, looking at the dishes rather than just reading names. Once the order is placed, use the Bellder itself to pay for your meal by swiping or inserting your card inside it. I assume future iterations will include NFC payments that are on a high rise. Post payment, the Bellder acts as a notification unit, alerting you when your food’s ready so you can collect it from the kiosk. You exchange the Bellder for your food, having completed the restaurant experience without having to summon (and wait for) a waiter, or even dealing with waiters in bad moods! You’ll never get overcharged, because you see exactly what you’re paying for and bills will never get mixed up!

Designers: Dain Kim, Taejung Kim, Seyeom An, Myungi baek & JaeSuk Kwon.