This tiny card-sized travel cutlery kit is both eco-friendly and incredibly classy!

Sure, your travel cutlery kit helps solve the plastic problem this planet is facing – but here’s the question. Is it actually designed to evoke a sense of desirability? Being compact, foldable, portable are all technical requirements, and as a result, compact cutlery often tends to look too ‘industrial’. Eating food is a multi-sensorial experience, and we work hard to make our food look good, so how about making travel cutlery that looks good too?

Designers: Eric Tong, Hannah Morris & Jordan Lau

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Meet Uphold, a ridiculously compact travel cutlery kit that’s about the size of a cardholder. It measures a mere 10mm in thickness (0.4 inches for you imperial folk), but houses a spoon, fork, and knife on the inside. Designed out of food-grade titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, and a flexible TPU/TPE snap-fit mechanism, Uphold’s cutlery is flat when you need it to be, and ergonomically curved when you want to grab some food! Just take the flat cutlery out, pinch the flexible parts to cause the spoon and fork to bend into shape, and lock the handle/grip in place, and you’ve gone from two-dimensional to too-delicious!

Uphold combines great design with technically-driven problem-solving abilities. The cutlery is incredibly portable, with a flat-packed design that slides into pockets, wallets, bags, etc. However, it also doesn’t compromise on the eating experience, providing the right kind of ergonomics and even looking edgy while it transports food from your plate to your mouth!

The kit comes as a 5-part set along with a portable case to carry your Uphold around. Open the case and you’re greeted with a flat-packed spoon, fork, knife, and two handles. To use the spoon or fork, simply pinch the flexible TPU/TPE part and the metal bends right into shape, using an origami-inspired set of fold lines. Lock the handles into place to keep the spoon and fork curved, and you can begin using them (while the knife doesn’t need to be curved or bent). Each piece of cutlery comes made from food-grade titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, and BPA-free TPU/TPE that can take temperatures up to 110°C, allowing you to eat piping hot meals without worrying about your cutlery getting damaged. The cutlery is all easy to clean too, with no hidden areas that could trap or accumulate food or grease.

Each Uphold Cutlery kit weighs a mere 75 grams (making it probably the lightest reusable metallic travel cutlery kit out there) and is rated for at least 3000 uses, allowing it to last over a decade with regular daily use if maintained well. Moreover, every part of the Uphold Cutlery is easy to disassemble and 100% recyclable, giving it the cradle-to-cradle approach that our cutlery today really needs – because with just Americans disposing of 100 million plastic spoons and forks every day, we’re running out of time to change our behavior if we want to save the planet!

Click Here to Buy Now: $36 $40 (10% off). Hurry, for a limited only.