A smartwatch with three displays sort of makes sense


The smartwatch has a tonne of purposes, but ultimately, it has one (or maximum two) core functions. The fact that it replaces the watch means a smartwatch’s first purpose is to tell the time. The second extended function is a fitness tracker, because that’s a promise smartwatches always make, i.e., to replace a fitness-tracking wearable.

For that express purpose, the EveRest smartwatch has not one, not two, but three screens. With two dedicated Flexible Numeric Displays for time/date and for the heart-rate monitor, the EveRest is one of the only wearables that allows you to multi-task. These displays can run 24×7 while consuming extremely low amounts of power. The primary screen then gets reserved for regular day-to-day activities like calling, messaging, browsing, and music playback, while the two secondary screens serve their core purposes, giving you a clear view of the time, the date, and your health. Makes sense, doesn’t it??

Designer: Chanmi Lee