This stylish lock is the smartest and easiest way to keep your bike safe

Although they never really went out of fashion, non-electric bicycles have recently seen a surge in popularity. Perhaps it’s because of a renewed interest in fitness and health or as a counter-movement to the increasing popularity of e-scooters. Either way, it’s definitely encouraging to see more people of all ages discovering the joys and benefits of biking these days, whether it’s for commuting to work or just having fun. Unfortunately, that popularity might also bring about an increase in bike thefts, which translates to a growing need for bike locks. These are a dime a dozen, of course, but since we live in modern times, it’s only appropriate that the humble bike lock gets an upgrade, like this simple yet innovative keyless lock that makes securing your bike as simple as locking your car.

Designer: Marcus Kjellsson

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Bike locks come in all shapes and levels of complexity. Some are simple chains that you access with a traditional key. Others do try to be smarter and utilize a motor for hands-free operation. Both, however, come with their own disadvantages. Keys are easily lost, and motors easily break or lose battery quickly, leaving you unable to even use your bike. The LAAS Keyless O-Lock, in contrast, is so smart and so integrated into your bike you might even forget it wasn’t an original part of the bike in the first place.

Lock Manually – To avoid the use of a motor.

Unlock Through the App – Open the lock via your phone whenever you need.

On the outside, LAAS O-Lock is a simple ring that attaches to the bike’s frame and around the rear tire, making it blend seamlessly into your bike’s appearance. There are no motors inside, which means fewer parts that could potentially break or stop working, so you will have to manually lock the O-Lock. Unlocking it, however, is as simple as whipping out your phone and tapping a button in the app. It only takes three seconds to unlock the ring, and you can even do that while you’re still walking toward your bike.

Share LAAS Keys to Friends – Recipients don’t even need an account.

In addition to the ease of use, LAAS O-Lock also brings a convenience that you’d find in smart home locks these days. Since it can unlock using a smartphone app, you can easily share access to that lock with family and friends. Of course, it uses encryption technologies to ensure that only authorized people can unlock it. With no keys, however, you don’t have to worry about someone else losing or getting access to that key either.

Made from hardened stainless steel, the O-Lock is not only durable but also rust-free. It also looks handsome as well, easily blending with your bike’s design. The lock is trivial to install, and there are add-ons to make it fit any bike, as well as a chain that lets you secure your bike to a post.

For only $93, the LAAS Keyless O-Lock offers not only the smartest and most convenient way to unlock your bike but also some peace of mind knowing that your trusted two-wheeled metal steed is safe and secure all the time.

Click Here to Buy Now: $93 $155 (40% off). Hurry, only 3/275 left!