Tekto’s latest EDC must-have is a slick titanium-plated pocket knife with a built-in glass breaker

Designed for any sort of tactical, emergency, and first-responder scenarios, Tekto’s latest pocket knife is built for both durability and versatility. Designed to be deployed with a single hand, the F1 Alpha features a razor-sharp titanium-treated D2 blade with a drop-point edge, G10 and Carbon Fiber handles for a grip that’s both lightweight and ridiculously durable, and a glass breaker on the reverse end that lets you get out of sticky situations in a jiffy. Armed with a reversible pocket clip and a relatively compact design, the F1 Alpha is like the Napoleon of knives – small, but superior enough to conquer just about anything.

Designer: Stephen Lukes of Tekto Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $101.99 $119.99 (15% off with coupon code “YANKO15”). Hurry, deal ends Nov 10th.

There are two schools of thought within the knife collectors community. Some collect knives that are works of art but don’t necessarily achieve much, others collect knives that are reliably functional and can get any job done. Tekto’s F1 Alpha focuses on the latter, with a design that feels slick, sensible, and sturdy.

The knife comes in 5 variants, all featuring a highly functional 3.1” titanium-treated D2 steel blade with a fine edge and full flat grind, along with a laser-cut jimping to enhance the user’s grip. The 5 variants explore different color themes and offer up a choice between handles made from G10 or Carbon Fiber. The blade flips in and out using a creamy-smooth ceramic ball bearing mechanism, with a finger flipper for easy one-handed deployment, and a liner lock that prevents your blade from accidentally shutting on you.

Fast & Consistent Deployment – The state-of-the-art ceramic ball bearing mechanism allows the Alpha to deploy the blade rapidly and smoothly with the utmost ease.

Excellent Grip – The F1 Alpha features an ergonomic G10 and Carbon Fiber handle for superior strength, grip, and comfort.

Unique Blade – With a modified straight back blade, the F1 Alpha comes with a D2 steel blade coated in titanium for high wear resistance and unmatched hardness and sharpness.

The F1 Alpha measures a mere 4.5-inches (115mm) when closed, opening up to 7.78-inches (197mm) when flipped open. The straight-back drop-point blade offers great versatility, making the knife useful for cutting, whittling, piercing, and slashing. Given its tiny size and the fact that it weighs just 0.19lbs (92g), the F1 Alpha is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, doing everything from cutting open boxes to slashing down branches. Designed for tactical scenarios too, the knife comes with its own glass breaker built right into the lanyard hole.

Glass Breaker – Comes standard with a glass breaker that also acts as a spacer and a lanyard hole.

Designed for Both Left and Right – The pocket clip comes pre-installed on the right side.

You can grab your own F1 Alpha from Tekto’s website, starting at $119.99 for the G10 variants, and $139.99 for the carbon fiber model. Yanko Design readers also get an additional 15% off by using the code YANKO15. The F1 Alpha ships globally.

Click Here to Buy Now: $101.99 $119.99 (15% off with coupon code “YANKO15”). Hurry, deal ends Nov 10th.