A New Design Notion

NTN’s premier product launch, called Collection 01, focuses on material likeness and a similar construction process to tie these otherwise unrelated objects together as a series. A thoughtful balance of aluminum, fabric and natural wood define each as a singular product, but a shared design language makes them shine as a group.

Hammock Table
The Hammock Table is a low coffee table defined by a suspended fabric shelf. The shelf is kept in tension by rope connecting to aluminum leg mounts. The solid table top is of bleached Irish sycamore which is blended into the round legs.

W1 Watch
The front and back body parts of the W1 watch are CNC machined from solid aluminum. The integrated aluminum dial is created in the same process. The floating increments are etched directly onto the crystal. The watch is finished with a vegetable tanned leather strap. Available in both natural and black anodized aluminum.

Dowel Chair
The Dowel Chair is a modern take on the classic windsor chair. Constructed from solid bleached irish sycamore the seat back consists of sixteen spindles with a removable fabric cover. On the underside the legs are blended into the seat.

G1 Glasses
The character of the G1 Glasses comes as much from the materials as the shape. Formed plywood frames and temples are connected by a CNC machined aluminum armature. This armature also incorporates the custom brass hinge. Available in teak and natural aluminum with brown lens or black stained ash and black anodized aluminum with black lens.

Waterford Lamp
This pendant lamp consists of a thick, clear glass shade hand blown in Waterford, Ireland. A machined aluminum hanger suspends the shade from the grey braided cable. The lamp is finished with a hand stitched filament bulb.

Designer: NTN