This sleek key holder makes it simple to store your key and keep your entryway organised

Most of us give too much importance to our eyes and what we can see, but sounds play just as important a role in our lives. They can actually be more important or even dangerous, considering how auditory experiences can subtly affect our minds without us being aware of them. To some extent, that’s how music and soundscapes can affect our moods and how we learn to associate certain sounds with certain events or actions. An unpleasant sound can cause a sudden spike in negative emotions, while a soothing clip can give us a bit of calm and peace, no matter how short the sound is. That’s exactly the principle behind this minimalist key holder that helps you create the habit of putting your keys in a single place by turning the action into an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Designer: Mikiya Kobayashi for Timbre

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It’s all too easy to lose small things like keys and glasses, no matter how critical they might be to our lives. The biggest reason is that we tend to put these down in multiple places, sometimes random spots around the house or office. Having just one or two spots for these objects reduces the places we need to search when we do lose track of them, but developing the habit of putting them there can be a bit of a chore at the start.

Developing a habit requires associating something good with an action, like a reward of sorts. It doesn’t need to be something material or financial, of course, as anything pleasant will do the job. The Marubo key holder does exactly that by giving your ears a brisk yet satisfying experience whenever you return it to its proper home. It’s like giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done of putting things where they belong.

The secret to this simple positive feedback is the simplicity of the key holder itself. Made from iron with a chrome finish, the key holder finds the perfect partner in an ABS resin base that holds a strong neodymium magnet that will keep your keys from falling off. Simply bringing the key holder near the base will cause it to snap into place with a crisp clipping sound. Do this enough times, and it will help create a habit-forming rhythm for your life.

This clicky key holder, however, isn’t just about the auditory experience. Its elegant appearance is also a treat for the eyes, and its simple form makes it easy to slip into any pocket size. It’s an easy yet effective strategy of using your senses to form a good habit, ensuring that you will never misplace your keys again while also bringing an almost addictive rhythm to your life.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.