For lumberjacks who want to keep their limbs…

Accidents while sawing are generally the result of the user turning their body to achieve a certain angle while cutting trees horizontally. In this awkward position, the saw often slips from the user’s grasp, spinning from the torque before coming into contact with a leg or other extremity. To solve this problem, the Rotation Saw is fitted with a revolving handle so the user can adjust the angle at which they’re cutting without moving from the proper body position. Hit the vid to see it in action!

Designer: Hoyoung Lee


  • This is an amazing product. I know it will eliminate a lot of injuries that would have otherwise happened. What a great gift to anyone who has to use a chainsaw. My only concern is if it adds too much weight to the saw. Fatigue and carelessness are always a danger!
    I hope this product does well on the market and saves many people from horrific amputations and lacerations.
    Great invention!

  • Why would it need to rotate at all? The large wrap-around design of the front handle makes the rotating feature of the rear handle and saw quite pointless…

    Even worse: dangerous. What happens when you put pressure on the saw and it accidentally rotates and slips of the surface you’re trying to saw?

    Also, is this really that much of a problem? Isn’t this easily solved with proper training and protective clothing instead of a complicated saw design?

  • George says:

    What a piece of nonsense. It’s trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Wrap around handles on modern saws make this whole idea redundant.

    In doing so he’s removed the one thing that really does make a difference in safety for a chainsaw operator – the chainbrake.

  • elstars says:

    complete nonsense… safe working happens between the ears. not in the tools. be aware of the danger, and the accidents the can happen

  • This is truly a great idea!

  • Henry says:

    It is only styling, also not beautiful

  • Leith says:

    Every chainsaw i have ever seen has a handle that continues around the side to hold it in the very same position this saw revolves around to. I dont understand the advantage?

  • Dan says:

    you’ve never used a chain saw before have you? Injury come from falling debris, or the chainsaw slipping. With the product rotating it takes away from the direct physical line of action. You cannot put you weight into it. Not to mention you don’t need to rotate a chainsaw that much.

  • Dan says:

    Hoyoung Lee, dude lets talk, first the credits in you video, get rid of them. You look silly crediting yourself for every little thing including story. It is something no one cares about.

    Second as many have said already and I am about to back up, there is no point to your design in reality. I’ve cut more then a few trees down and spent some quality time with an actual chainsaw. There has been no time what so ever where I have thought “wish this rotated” and after seeing your design you have not presented and reason this would benefit me either.

    Features should add value to a product.

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