Minimalist sandwich maker lets you use any size of bread

Every once in a while, I’d wake up in the middle of the night and crave a sandwich. Of course I could walk into my kitchen and create one, if I had the ingredients and if I had a sandwich maker or something similar to that. Normally, I don’t have any of those but it’s still nice to dream of sandwiches. Okay, maybe I should really get a sandwich maker one of these days and go grocery shopping so I can make sandwiches, but for now, let’s take a look at one of the new concepts for a simple but functional sandwich maker.

Designer: Bas Kamp

The Warme Boterham is a concept for a sandwich maker that is minimalist but also highly functional in a sense that it can make you a sandwich. It is shaped like an actual sandwich but what makes it different from the others is that it can be used for whatever size of the bread you may want to use. The usual sandwich makers are only made for the usual size of the “unhealthy” white square slice but this one lets you use various sizes and shapes of bread to create your perfect sandwich.

The maker uses has a simple enough design with an old school dial that lets you choose which heat level you want to use for your sandwich. It’s also thick enough to let you add your necessary ingredients to your sandwich like veggies, cheese, meat slices, etc. The concept description doesn’t mention it but the product render also shows waffle shapes so you can probably make waffles or pancakes or some other similar breakfast things here.

It’s also compact and small enough so that if you don’t have much space in your kitchen, you can still use something like the Warme Boterham. The designer also said that the device’s parts can be easily replaced or changed even if all you know to use is an Allen key. This can be something I can use in my kitchen in case I get the craving for a sandwich in the middle of the night.