This tabletop ‘mushroom growing kit’ lets you harvest all kinds of exotic organic mushrooms at home

Ever tried a Lion’s Mane Mushroom? How about Shimeji? Pink Oyster? Surely you must have tried Cordyceps. No?? That’s because exotic mushrooms aren’t easy to grow. Sure, button mushrooms, creminis, portobellos, they’re all easy to come by. Heck, even oyster mushrooms are now somewhat mainstream… however, rare varieties of edible mushrooms aren’t that easy to grow industrially. That’s where Shrooly comes in. Designed as a tabletop incubator, Shrooly lets you grow rare varieties of mushrooms right in your home. You can choose from over 12 different mushroom species, and it takes roughly a week for the mushrooms to grow, after which you can harvest them for meals.

Designer: Shrooly Design

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Using the Shrooly is about as simple as using a Nespresso – just put a pod in and watch the machine do the rest of the work for you. With Shrooly, however, the pod is a brick-shaped mass that contains the mushroom spores and growth medium. All you do is make a slit in the pod for the mushrooms to grow out of, add the pod into the Shrooly, press the start button, and watch the magic unfold over the next week.

The Shrooly works a lot like the autonomous planters we’ve talked about on this platform, but is specifically designed for mushrooms. Fungi are a lot more different than regular plants, and they have very specific growing requirements. They don’t need water, but they need moisture. They can grow in the dark too, but a little light helps brighten things up. Moreover, mushrooms propagate using spores, which are tiny particles that the Shrooly actively contains to ensure they don’t spread around in your house.

Everything happens within the Shrooly device. The mushroom grows within its controlled microclimate, and you can simply pop the glass side panel out to harvest your mushrooms when they’re ready. Once harvested, just discard the pod and add a new one in for a fresh harvest next week!

Designed to fit on most kitchen countertops, Shrooly helps demystify the mushroom-cultivating process. Founders David and Sam were shocked to realize that the mushroom supplements they were taking hardly had any mushroom in them. Determined to take matters into their own hands, they built the Shrooly in the hopes of letting regular people reclaim mushroom production. Shrooly’s simple design allows you to grow various varieties of mushrooms right at home with zero expertise.

The gadget monitors mushroom growth on its own, and supplies water vapor as needed based on the variety you’re growing. You can monitor the growth every day either by looking at the mushrooms through the glass chamber, or even track the growth on an app when you’re away from your Shrooly. It also houses a mini air purifier to ensure spores from the Shrooly don’t make their way out of the glass container.

Each Shrooly comes with a choice between 12 different mushroom species, with the creators adding new variants every day. Whether you’re looking for mushrooms as a meat replacement, as a delicacy, or even as a medicinal/health supplement, Shrooly’s catalog of mushroom varieties is expansive and goes well beyond the basic mushrooms you find in your everyday supermarket. Looking to grow your own mushrooms, Shrooly even sells an AnyShroom pod that contains the perfect growth medium for your mushrooms. Just add your own liquid culture to the pod and place it inside the Shrooly and you can be a fun guy grow your own fungi! The Shrooly starts at $299 and begins shipping in March 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $449 (33% off). Hurry, only 20/74 left!