This curious double-headed smart light is the next generation of the iconic desk lamp

Designed to revise the definition of a shared space, the Sharing Lamp is a curious little lamp design that makes a huge impact with a small twist! Imagine a shared public space, like a library or a college desk – designed to work for many instead of focusing on one. The Sharing Lamp takes the well-known desk lamp design and adds two instantly identifiable movable heads, creating personalization in a public space!

Invoking the feel of an airline overhead light, the Sharing Lamp comes with two individually swiveling lamp heads that turn to suit your need. Simple, isn’t it? Well, designer Wenjie Zheng doesn’t just stop there. The lamp comes with four unique lighting modes to meet the user’s work requirements, with a different mode for working on your computer and a different mode for watching a movie! The light also changes colors to prevent straining your eyes. The Sharing Lamp’s real fun begins when the AI remote tutoring feature comes to life. When the lamp focuses on your work, the AI scans your written text to easily proof and point out the spelling errors or grammatical mistakes you may have made in your work. It’s like having a personal proofing machine that runs you a spell-check without diluting the experience of writing in your diary with your treasured pen!

Looking almost like Pixar’s Wall-E in bright pastel colors, this lamp is sure to be the focal point (literally!) in any room! The Sharing Lamp’s unique problem-solving capacity helps us work smarter while retaining the iconic desk lamp’s form and flexibility we love and depend upon in our everyday life. Its truly an evolution, making this the next generation in the life of desk lamps!

Designer: Wenjie Zheng