Foldable, portable barbecue device looks good enough to cook on

Now that most people are already out there going on all sorts of adventures in the outdoors, we’re also seeing new products, or at least concepts of products that can be used for these trips. Picnicking, biking, trekking, and camping are just some of the outdoor activities that people like to do on the weekends after a grueling week in the concrete jungle. So they’re always on the look out for things that are handy enough to bring and useful enough to want to bring on these trips.

Designer: Yifeeling Design Lab

When you first see the Yuanye and it’s folded and you have no idea what it is, you might be forgiven for thinking it’s a portable projector that you can bring with you on your trip. It’s actually a portable, outdoor barbecue grilling pan you can bring on your outdoor adventures. When you open it up, you’ll see that there are two partitions where you can grill your meats on one side and your vegetable on the other. The device also comes with a gas tank, fire source, and oil storage module.

The design of this portable grill is inspired by the usual suitcases we bring when we travel, from the foldable design to the handle and all the accessories. But instead of being storage for clothes and other stuff we need, it’s actually for the food that we need when we’re going on a picnic or camping out in the middle of nature. Based on the product renders, you can cook steak, barbecue, and all kinds of meats as well as vegetables so you get a well-rounded meal even if you’re outdoors.

The Yuanye Outdoor Barbecue Pan is something that will probably appeal to those planning to go on these outdoor trips but would also want to cook for themselves. The fact that it’s a fashionable piece of a device is just a bonus since that’s not really a priority when choosing your camping or picnic tools. It seems easy to assemble and use, which is more of a concern of course rather than just looking good enough to carry around.