A desk mat that charges your phone and hides papers is perfect for a tidy workspace

While some people will insist that they need to “lively” desk to keep them from getting bored to death, few will argue that a cluttered space is a poison to productivity. Unless you have perfect memory, remembering where your tools are hiding under which pile of paper is sure to eat a few seconds or even minutes of your precious time. It doesn’t take much to suddenly find yourself surrounded by clutter; just a few misplaced pieces of paper or tools is a surefire to get started. Simply placing things in their designated spots can help prevent them from overrunning your desk, and this modular and reversible desk mat gives you that simple organization system for your phone, earbuds, and notes, and it does so in a stylish manner that accommodates people with different tastes and dominant hands.

Designer: Journey

Admittedly, not everyone probably needs or even uses a desk mat, but not because they simply dislike it. Most mats simply provide a flat patch of material, usually rubber or fabric, that serves no other purpose other than decoration. Some do help prevent keyboards from sliding off, and some even extend to accommodate a mouse, but that’s pretty much it. Some might even see them as wasted space since you probably can’t use the rest of the mat’s area for anything else.

Journey’s new desk mat addresses those limitations in two important ways. For one, it includes a wireless charging component that supports Apple MagSafe tech, meaning that you can place a compatible iPhone or any Android phone that supports the Qi standard to charge it while keeping it within arm’s reach. The charging panel magnetically attaches to the sides of the mat, so you can actually move it to the left for those who prefer to pick up their phones with their left hand. Alternatively, you can even detach it completely and use it as a standalone charging mat. There’s also a groove for compatible AirPods cases, though that might not work with any other earbuds cases.

The desk mat itself is more than just something to place things on top of it. The two different layers of materials can actually separate, creating a space to stash loose pieces of paper like single-page documents and sticky notes. All you need is to peel off the top layer from the “free” edge and quickly place a temporary note that you’ll need to work on later without it taking up precious space on your desk in the meantime.

One side of the mat is made from plushy felt, while the opposite is made from premium water-resistant vegan leather. You can easily switch between the two at any point by simply flipping the mat over. Whether you’re going for a classic leather look or prefer a more cushiony surface for your wrists, the ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat will deliver a handsome desk accessory that also helps keep your desk a bit more organized to boost your productivity.