Wrangler Asks You to Let Go

That jeans company you and I love the most, Wrangler, is about to do something rather unorthodox. They’re going to ask you to Stop Thinking. I don’t just mean turn into a goofball, no, rather let go of your mapped-out world and allow your mind and body to take part in a wild journey into the unknown. It’s a challenge. Four people from the public, in the UK specifically, are going to be asked to drop everything (except their passport) and rock with Wrangler into the outer limits.

It’s a challenge. Wrangler’s known for fantastic jeans made tough enough for a real live cowboy but comfortable enough to wear for four years almost every day non-stop (seriously, I’ve done this.) But this isn’t about ease or comfort, nay! It’s about allowing yourself to let go.

This enjoyment of the world campaign is called “We Are Animals” and the main message is to “Stop Thinking.” You bet. It takes place in the UK this September (2010) in the form of several top secret events. Participants must meet these basic requirements:

1.They will need a valid passport (their own)
2.They will need to be healthy enough to pass a basic medical (touch toes, cough three times)
3.They will need to drop everything at a moment’s notice (no consulting the diary)
4.They will need to Stop Thinking

And, AND! The adventure starts today, the 16th of August! Check it out by visiting the Stop Thinking landing page. Then if you’ve got too many holes in your jeans and want to be in spic-top condition for when you’re running around in these challenges, visit Wrangler Europe for some new threads.

NOTE: While you’re thinking about running wild here, I want you to also think about how all of this applies to your everyday design work. When you’re working on a project, especially when it’s a conceptual work like we feature here on Yanko, always remember to allow yourself to let go. It is the people who allow themselves to create projects that go over the line that find the ones that stay right at the edge. This is where brilliance sits.

Designer: Wrangler