This modular bike storage solution is customizable and versatile fit for every city apartment!

Owning a bike in a busy city brings with it its own set of responsibilities. You’ve got to have the best lock for street parking, learn the different traffic rules, and keep up with the maintenance of the bike to ensure its ride-ability. Owning a bike in a busy city is a dance you have to learn, but once you do it’ll be smooth riding ahead. The designers at Riders Gonna Ride know the dance well and have created Bike Box, a storage solution for bikes and their cyclists, to help make the ride that much smoother.

While Riders Gonna Ride is a lifestyle brand whose roots come from mountain biking, Bike Box is a storage solution designed for bikers everywhere– from the mountains to the city streets. Bike Box is modular by design and built from black CDF and beech wood to ensure a versatile, yet durable storage unit. Constructed like a storage unit for a professional locker room, Bike Box’s frame is built from CDF, or Compact Density Fibreboards, a highly compressed material often chosen for its water-resistant and long-lasting nature. The storage found on each Bike Box is made available through a peg and socket system of wooden pegs and accompanying sockets. When customized to hang your bike or orient shelving units, the pegs can be positioned however each bike owner sees fit.

There are currently five different storage units available from Riders Gonna Ride, each varying in size and storage capabilities. While the bike mount can either be mounted onto the Bike Box itself, it also can function as a wall mount to keep the Bike Box open to store supplementary bike accessories like helmets, sports gear, and carrying cases on the shelves that can be made through Bike Box’s modular setup.

Designer: Riders Gonna Ride

Following a peg-and-socket hanging method, bike owners can customize the storage unit’s configuration to hang all their gear.

By configuring the wooden pegs, bike owners can hang everything from helmets to their bikes, to street clothes.

With different sizes available, the Bike Box can fit into any city space.

While the larger units might take up more physical space, their storage capacity increases with size.

The bike mounts can either be installed right onto the Bike Box or the wall.

Small units come with enough room to store your bike and draw in most of its frame, while not taking up too much space in your apartment.

Shelving units can be configured through the bike’s modular design.