Portable ice-cream maker lets you whip up gelatos and sorbets in your freezer and take them anywhere

Heat wave getting to you? The Cocinare KRUSH has you sorted. Designed to be the first portable, wireless ice cream maker, the KRUSH fits into most freezers, whipping up a batch of ice cream on its own. Once the ice cream’s ready, the KRUSH’s dual-walled insulating design keeps the ice cream frozen for up to 5 hours, letting you carry it anywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom (for a guilty binge) or even to the great outdoors (as an addition to a social picnic plan).

Designers: Fantasy Yang & Heaven Zheng

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Cocinare touts the KRUSH as the most easy, versatile, and portable ice cream maker you’ll ever own. The gizmo comes with a three-part design, featuring the churning bucket, an operation window, and the churning head itself. The entire device stands at just 8.5-inches tall and can fit into any traditional freezer. All you need to really do is add the ice cream ingredients into the KRUSH, pop the motorized churner head on top, switch it on, and walk away as the KRUSH independently churns your ice cream to creamy perfection. You can infinitely customize your ice cream, making everything from frozen custards to sorbets and even going sugar-free if you want. The KRUSH works with all sorts of ingredients and flavors, giving you the satisfaction of home-made ice cream in less than 20 minutes.

With the KRUSH, Cocinare gives you the seemingly complex power to make your own ice cream in minutes, with minimal effort. All you really need to do is add the ingredients into it, switch the churner on, and place the KRUSH in a refrigerator (or even outside on any flat surface) while it does its job. The KRUSH doesn’t require you to do any prep beforehand (like freezing ingredients), and its simple operation unlocks a wide variety of potential ice cream experiments! You could either go maverick and make new variants and flavors on your own, or consult Cocinare’s own app that has over 500 recipes to choose from!

Although the idea behind the KRUSH sounds simple, the underlying tech and engineering is truly one of a kind. The Cocinare KRUSH is designed to be portable and wireless, allowing you to make ice cream inside your freezer without requiring a bulky appliance that’s plugged into a wall. The KRUSH runs for 10-20 minute cycles (depending on what creamy texture you’re going for), making ice cream faster than any other traditional ice cream maker. With over 400g of custom coolant fluid (both in the bowl and the lid), KRUSH’s Freezer Bowl innovatively creates an all-around insulated freezing system that doesn’t just churn ice cream faster, but also allows you to carry your ice cream with you. The coolant within the KRUSH keeps ice cream frozen for nearly 5 hours, giving you the power of portability so you can carry your ice cream to places right within the churning vessel (instead of wasting time transferring it to another container).

The Cocinare KRUSH’s tiny form factor doesn’t take away from the fact that it is, in fact, a rather beautifully designed device. The KRUSH comes with a gorgeous minimalist design and features 304 stainless steel interiors that aren’t just food grade but also help the ice cream freeze faster and are easy to clean. The KRUSH can be periodically cleaned under the tap with running water, and at under 9 inches tall (weighing 2.2 lbs) can easily be stashed away anywhere in your kitchen when you’re not craving ice cream (although that’s probably unlikely). Its churning mechanism runs on a built-in battery that takes 2 hours to juice up, providing up to 15 churning cycles on a full charge. The KRUSH comes in three colors – black, white, and green, and is available for a special discounted price of $129.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $199 (50% off). Hurry, only 100 left!