Beautiful 3D Basin

This striking design brings an entirely new meaning to water basin, using a beautiful arrangement of ducts and channels like a 3D topographic map. While the spacing between channels may seem random, the wooden map actually represents a portion of the streets in the central part of London! So maybe you live in New York, or are just a big fan of Tokyo… no prob… other outlines of different cities can be applied for customization to the user’s taste!

Designer: Julia Kononenko


  • Paul says:

    Very pretty, but I feel like water would splash EVERYWHERE.

    Not to mention that it would be a nightmare to clean.

  • Sein says:

    Hard work..but doesn’t seem practical to me.. It would be hard to clean and what if you drop something between that spaces between the channel? I like the concept but I wish it was executed differently so the design has a balance between the aesthetics and funtionality.

  • Patrick says:

    Bad design !
    Hard to clean, will splash.
    And in plywood !! Come on!

  • GC says:

    Come on! This concept took the prize in the competition “Vodoparad 2012” and received a prize from Villeroy & Bosch. The competition is dedicated to the water and it presents all sorts of concepts are closely tied with water in everyday life, where the functionality in last place, and the main the idea, and art.

  • D pearl says:

    Beautiful to look at, but exactly how to I soak my undies and socks in this sink?

  • sam zhang says:

    practical or not ?

  • Quintin Smits says:

    Not practical, but very, very cool to look at!

  • James says:

    If the brief was ‘create a basin that is interesting, unique and unusual disregarding all practically’ then well done, it’s wonderfully designed and looks lovely. If it was meant to be practical however, something that you could actually sell and use on a daily basis, then it’d be the worst design in the history of designs. I wonder why no visual shows the tap actually on, hmm….it does look great though.

  • Well, even if you’ve only got a little spot where there isn’t a waterproof coating, the water will soak the wood and compromise the glue of the plywood…

    You can probably use it once, before it would get moldy and started falling apart…

  • GC says:

    Oh, okay, what are you talking about? This layout for the competition, where the search for ideas. Whom it is interesting, herewebsite organizers, it has a variety of work since the formation of the competition and there is an expert jury.

  • Lucy says:

    Horrible, horrible work. I really wonder if the inventor of this…hm…stuff has tried brushing teeth there!!!

  • James says:

    In a ven diagram this designer would sit right in the middle of Have too much MDF, Have a CNC and Have way too much time on their hands.

  • Quintin Smits says:

    Nice one! Except that it’s made out of plywood…

    MDF is the brown (green for ‘waterproof’) stuff with the almost unpaintable sides and without wood grain.

  • Cecilie Boss says:

    Someone really got a creative and beautiful idea, but I got to admit, it’s not very practical! However, I like the idea with the city map, makes it very personal.

  • Ralph Nauta says:

    No creativity here.. Designers start f… creating your own stuff or google your idea first. And Yanko Design pleas stop posting non original ideas.

  • GC says:

    This is not the same idea, to use the web – moveton.
    What are the similarities between the Spiderman bench and the original idea of ​​a wash basin in the form of a topographic map?

  • leftlefttheright says:

    Good art. Bad design.

  • lmwodo says:

    As a design it’s beautiful
    yet its hard to tell wether or not this is meant to be functional

    Maybe if its drain slowed for the water to leave as fast as it fills then yes

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