The Dyson pet grooming kit makes your pet’s after-bath ritual peaceful and stress-free

I’m a cat mom of two, and my furry babies are probably my entire world. As much as I love snuggling up with them, or preventing them from knocking down an item or two in my home out of sheer boredom – grooming them and keeping them clean rates number one on my priority list. Although cats love to keep themselves clean, they hate letting others clean them. If you’re a pet parent, and you’re looking for a handy product to break down and ease up your pet’s cleaning process – then the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit is the product for you.

Designer: Dyson

The grooming kit is specifically tailored for dogs and cats. Both species tend to shed a lot – depending on the season and the breed. Instead of constantly vacuuming your home, and getting rid of all the shed fur, the grooming kit includes nifty accessories, which let you tackle the problem at its root (quite literally). You can attach the accessories to one of Dyson’s new cordless vacuums. The accessories are compatible with a wide range of Dyson products including –  the V15 Detect, V12, V12 Detect Slim, Cyclone V10, Outsize, V8, Digital Slim, and V7.

The kit is targeted toward medium to long-haired pets. The accessories make your pet’s after-bath ritual less noisy and jarring, hence eliminating some of the stress they often experience during these sessions .364 slicker bristles are angled at a 35-degree flex to an upright position, allowing the brush to penetrate deep and grab all the loose fur. The kit also includes an extension hose, which provides you with more than 3 feet of flexibility, and enables you to reach every inch of your pet’s body.

The Dyson pet Grooming Kit is the ultimate set of accessories to amp up your Dyson vacuum cleaner. It’s the kind of pet product that not only grooms and takes care of your pet, but also ensures that the entire experience is peaceful and nonstressful for them. Priced at $69.99, the Dyson-engineered accessories are a worthy investment for all pet parents!