Honeywell Redesigned The Barcode Scanner To Fit On Your Finger Like A Ring Wearable

If you close your eyes and think of a barcode scanner, chances are you’re thinking of that odd alien space-gun-shaped object that emits red light when triggered, helping scan that vertical grid of lines on your Doritos packet. The barcode scanner is a great example of form following function – it’s ergonomic, and can be used comfortably for hours, making it a boon for employees who have to spend half a day scanning objects at check-out… but what happens when technological innovation makes the hardware smaller? Well, you don’t need that gun-shaped object anymore, right? The folks at Honeywell China took to redesign the barcode scanner by compressing it into something much more compact and wireless. In fact, it’s small enough to fit on your finger.

Designer: Huo Sheng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. (Honeywell, China)

The Ring Scanner, a winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award, is a tiny finger-worn wireless wearable that allows people to scan barcodes simply by pointing at them. Point your index finger and the Ring Scanner lines up perfectly with the barcode, scanning it in less than a second. “As it consumes little power and offers IP66 protection, it is ideal for a variety of scenarios, such as logistics or production lines, says the Honeywell China team. “The ring is made of skin-friendly rubber and is very lightweight, so it can be worn for many hours.” The Red Dot jury was also impressed by how they shattered the archetype of the gun-based barcode scanner, creating a new innovative product design template. Just the way the desktop computer was made into the sleek, portable, and beautiful laptop, the Ring Scanner aims at doing the same for barcode scanners, making logistics, inventory, and checkout scenarios more streamlined.

The Ring Scanner is a Winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design for the year 2023.