This personal workstation retracts and unfolds with ease while working from outside!

Working from home sometimes really means working from anywhere we want. Some of us prefer a quiet coffee shop with WiFi, maybe a library or public workspace like WeWork. The rest of us will work just fine beneath a tree in a park. Industrial designer Matan Rechter developed Shelly, a personal outdoor workspace, to create some privacy and shade for the workdays we spend outdoors.

Inspired by the recent global move to working from home, Rechter designed Shelly to create a sense of privacy for concentration and productivity when working in outdoor spaces like public parks. Named after its shell-creating capabilities, Shelly features a canopy that folds in and out. Constructed from aluminum profiles and synthetic Cordura fabric, Shelly is built to protect users and their electronics from UV radiation. Rechter designed Shelly to be convenient and easy to transport, making working outdoors as comfortable and accessible as working from home. The canopy’s folding segments retract and extend like an armadillo’s shell. When users need some shade, Shelly’s bench pops into an upright position and the attached roof unfurls overhead. When packing Shelly away, the roof retracts just as easily as it unfurls and the bench folds into itself for portability.

The WFH movement has brought our laptops and notebooks everywhere but home. Working outdoors in public parks or even our own backyard has become more tempting as each workweek draws on. Rechter designed Shelly as a means for privacy and shaded comfort while we work under the sun, protecting our skin from harsh UV rays and our laptops from overheating.

Designer: Matan Rechter

Shelly retracts and unfolds like an armadillo shell to provide ultimate comfort and protection against the sun.

The workstation’s shell can be pushed back completely with the bench still intact.

Made from aluminum profiles and synthetic Cordura fabric, providing vetted protection against UV radiation.

No matter where you’d like to work, Shelly can provide enough shade and protection to keep you in the zone.

In public parks, Shelly gives provides you with your own private workspace away from the noise.