Gatorade launches a smart-bottle that lets you track your daily hydration levels

“It’s the world’s first smart squeeze bottle”, the company says.

Dubbed the Smart Gx Bottle, this one-of-a-kind smart drinking vessel leverages the power of decades of data from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute to help athletes stay hydrated. It provides daily hydration recommendations and tracking capabilities with a light-up cap that reminds athletes of their daily recommended hydration goals and their progress in real-time.

Designer: Gatorade (PepsiCo)

The bottle sports Gatorade’s iconic design language and comes with a one-of-a-kind light-enabled cap that acts as a visual notification system to let you know how well hydrated you are. It works in unison with the Gx smartphone app and the Gx Sweat Patch that can tell when you’re dehydrated. The LED ring around the bottle’s cap keeps track of your goals as well as your current level of progress – a feature that was designed based on research conducted with the Brazilian National Soccer Team.

“We went through a few iterations of the smart cap to ensure its functionality and provided athletes with accurate hydration tracking and notifications, as well as an ergonomic fit during exercise. The result is an LED-powered volume and consumption tracking system”, said Sean Huls, Senior Design Director at PepsiCo. “The display offers lighting options that can be [personalized by each user and a comfortable fingerprint design on the grip panels to reinforce the theme of customization.”

“Additionally, with the connection to the Gx app, a hydration schedule can be recommended based on sweat profile, activity, and environmental and heat conditions.”