This coffee table with multicolored and oscillating legs was inspired by orbits found in outer space

I personally think a good coffee table can really light up a room. It instantly draws attention and sets the theme for the entire living room. Once a stunning coffee table has been set, you can start building the rest of the space around it – a comfy sofa, cute side tables, exquisite lighting, and elegant decorative pieces, are all brought together by the right coffee table. And one such coffee table I recently came across is the ‘Orbit’ coffee table.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

Designed by Deniz Aktay, whose prolific designs have enigmatically taken over the online design world, this coffee table is distinguished by its multicolored and interloping legs. Aktay drew inspiration for the table legs from the orbits you find in outer space. According to NASA, “An orbit is a regular, repeating path that one object in space takes around another one. Now compare the coffee table to the images we’ve seen in our school textbooks of planets orbiting the sun – pretty similar, no?

The coffee table features a round glass tabletop that is supported by three oscillating metal tubes. The tubes are interestingly intertwined, creating an intriguing visual mesh, which is further enhanced by giving each of them a different color. Aktay gave the tubes separate colors, to provide each element with a sense of individuality, and to help segregate them distinctly. This ensures that we notice and appreciate the unique construction of the table thoroughly.

In a time, when coffee tables are usually paid less heed to, if not ignored, Aktay’s Orbit coffee table instantly commands attention. It’s the kind of innovative design we all need as a centerpiece in our home, especially since the coffee tables found nowadays tend to be boring wooden rectangles. It’s a fascinating change, and I would love to see this concept as a tangible reality very soon.