This multi sensory table adds a smell and sound to your environment when in use

A lot of people from different cultures treat eating and drinking coffee/tea as a sacred time. Some even go so far as to create a sacred space wherein to consume their food and drinks in peace and/or in comfort. What if you could take it a little step further and create an oasis of your own in the middle of a busy or stressful day? Even if you’re not surrounded with an actual oasis, there are still things you can do to have some sort of “retreat” while you’re eating, using your other senses like sight, hearing, and touch.

Designers: Junseo Oh, Junwan Woo, Jihoon Park, Yoon Seoyoung, Dagyeong Kim

If you can’t afford to eat outdoors or somewhere surrounded by nature, this product concept may be the next best thing. Basically, the Oasix is a table with a planter in the middle and with a speaker built in so you can be surrounded by music as you drink your coffee or as your eat your ramen. So imagine an elongated Bluetooth speaker with a circular table on top. It’s built for a single person or maybe a couple so if you live with a family, this may not be the best dining table to have.

In the middle of the Oasix is a space to put your plant of choice. If there’s no plant in the middle, it might be mistaken for a cooker or something. The speaker built into the table will surround you with your music or podcast or audio book of choice, accompanying you as you eat or drink. The main purpose of this piece of furniture is so you’ll be able to enjoy all of your senses, not just the usual taste and smell, as you partake of your meal or snack break.

There are no other details included in their product page but the Oasix seems to be minimalist in design and basic and stark in their choice of color. It will fit right into your house if you have a minimalist or industrial aesthetic. I’m not a plant person so I’m not really sure if it adds to the appeal of this table but there are enough plant parents out there to probably want to have this in their dining room.