This sturdy + minimal coffee table with chonky legs was built using 100-year-old wood

I believe that the secret to a great living room is an excellent coffee table. Coffee tables function as the centerpiece of a living room, hence you need to pick one that truly livens it up, and sets the tone for it. And, once the perfect coffee table has been set, you can start building the rest of the space around it – a comfy sofa, cute side tables, exquisite lighting, and elegant decorative pieces. They are all brought together by the right coffee table! And even coffee tables are getting more innovative, unique, and well-crafted by the day! And fine example of this is the Centenniale Coffee Table.

Designer: Joanna Laajisto for Nikari

Designed by architect and designer Joanna Laajisto for the Finnish brand Nikari, the Centenniale coffee table is a sturdy and minimal coffee table built using 100-year-old wood. The coffee table was designed by embracing the cracks and imperfections of the old timber. The entire coffee table was constructed from a single piece of wood, and it features a sharp-edged and elongated tabletop that is supported by blocky and chonky legs with rounded edges. The different elements of the table beautifully showcase the unique and versatile variations and textures in the timber.

“Over 100-year-old wood is allowed to show its true character, color variations, cracks, and marks,” said Laajisto about the Centenniale table, which debuted at Milan design week 2023. “Some people might call these imperfections, but I think they are the essence of the piece and should be embraced.” The table features a rather low-profile which adds magnitudes to its overall character and personality. Laajisto says that the table attempts to bring a sense of harmony and calmness into any space it is placed within, as does its contrasting forms.

The visually simple and yet endearing Centenniale coffee table is made of solid ash or oak woods and is available in a range of sizes. You can pick a size that works perfectly for your home, and create a minimal and serene living space that speaks volumes without any excessive frills and tassels. The Centenniale coffee table’s simple minimalism and beauty, and amusing geometrical elements work together in perfect harmony to create the ultimate coffee table.