Asymmetrical sofa collection uses flexible foam for design and aesthetics

When looking for a sofa to buy for your place or to find one to sit on, comfort is probably the top priority. The design also adds to the appeal but sometimes, the unique or artsy-looking ones don’t seem all that comfortable. So if you find something that’s both, you probably should get on that, literally. When it uses a different kind of material than the usual sofas that you see around, that’s another pleasant bonus. This sofa collection from Swedish brand Offecct may be the real deal.

Designer: Jean-Marie Massaud for Offecct

The Airberg sofa collection gets that comfy-looking feels for a sofa down pat. At first glance, it looks like the material is vacuum-filled but it’s actually made from flexible padding material. The inspiration for the design though is an “iceberg” filled with vacuum and also comfortable seating furniture. The asymmetrical design looks like the pieces belong in a museum so it will be an interesting conversation piece when you have one (or several) in your house or space.

The various sofas in the collection are made from a flexible padding material with a structural case. The base is made from metal while the seat frame is a combination of metal and wood with a special integrated suspension system. The comfortable part of the sofa is made from textile and foam with the seat and the back made from cold foam. The upholstery is colored gray while the “legs” which are mostly hidden, are in chrome.

If you are into the Scandinavian aesthetic for your home, this will be a perfect addition to your living space. It’s also a bonus that they use materials and methods that are socially sustainable and environmentally friendly.