This floor lamp doubles as a circulation fan, comes in peppy color options

Home accessories with a technology crossover always edge ahead of their contemporary options for the sheer multitude of use. The DAEWOO Air Circulation Fan is a perfect example of this fact. A simple idea with a very useful utility is what piqued our interest in this concept design which has the potential to be a real product.

It is a lighting solution that doubles as a room circulation fan or vice-versa, depending on which utility will be used the most at any given point in time. The creators of this blueprint describe it as a “lamp crossover circular fan design” and I totally second that opinion. The industrial look of this cool lamp for modern interiors is fit for a minimalist yet peppy-themed living room.

Designer: Stark Lee, Harvey Mok and Hokan Wang

The floor lamp looks more like an inverted table fan but without seeming out of place. Of course, DAEWOO has no connection to the design itself and it is just a concept using the brand name. Alright coming onto the robust-looking lamp, it gets a sturdy finish to match its industrial-styled form. The bottom half supporting the fan on top has a glossy metallic finish and I’m assuming it won’t weather anytime soon.

Fan on top of the stand can be oriented in any direction with ease and can also be set on rotation mode for those hot days. Of course, there’s the lighting switch, when ambient light is needed for the room. So even when it’s chilling winter, the accessory is still useful, and there’s no need to put it away.

The sizing of the Air Circulation fan is optimized for even the most cramped space – something like a city apartment. Will this design meet fruition, well, it truly deserves to. The accessory will seamlessly blend with modern interiors and the fact that it comes in a plethora of color options widens the scope even further. You could have it in blue, orange, or green hues to add spark to the living space!