This electrified wagon with semi-autonomous driving makes carrying stuff outdoors super easy

Although the Outisan fits squarely into the categorization of an ‘EV’, it’s a little more niche and will appeal to an entirely different user-base. Designed to make carrying cargo/items easy in the outdoors (or even within a warehouse), the Outisan is what they call an Electric Utility Wagon. It’s your standard wagon (or a variant of the wheelbarrow), but now with an electric powertrain to make pulling cargo much easier over long distances or uneven surfaces.

Designer: Outisan Design

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Living outdoors isn’t easy, as Bear Grylls will rather confidently tell you. The weather is inclement, the land is uneven, and camping outdoors can often mean carrying a lot of your (heavy) belongings and utilities with you. Sure, you can haul your stuff onto the back of your pickup truck if you have one, but what if you don’t? Or what if you need to go to a place where a pickup truck can’t necessarily take you?

That’s where something like an e-Wagon comes in handy. With a foldable design that makes the e-Wagon really easy to travel with, your Outisan opens up to become a spacious 4-wheeled barrow that can hold up to 180 lbs of cargo comfortably. With two brushless motors and battery to power the Outisan, and four rather rugged 7-inch high-density rubber wheels, the Outisan makes it easy to move heavy items across long distances, uneven surfaces, and both uphill and downhill. Just a gentle pull of the wagon’s handle gets the Outisan started, and it takes on most of the effort required to move the cargo, so you aren’t huffing and puffing at the end of your journey.

The Outisan rather elegantly solves a problem that affects most people, but nobody gives a second thought to. It’s easy to glamorize the idea of EVs being luxury cars that get us from point A to point B, although, to a great degree, Outisan’s design does just that too – albeit in a specific set of scenarios. The e-wagon’s design celebrates the thrill of the outdoors, but takes the effort and elbow-grease out of getting there. Load your supplies onto the Outisan’s bed and pull its smart handle as you would a regular wagon.

The brushless motors kick in (powered by Outisan’s FlowStride technology), and the wagon autonomously moves forward, guided by your gentle pulling. The motors take on the effort of transporting the cargo, while your hand simply guides the wagon. Let go of the handle and the Outisan automatically stops, locking into its position whether you’re on flat land or a slope. No buttons, throttles, brakes, or keys, just sheer ingenuity. All-terrain wheels made from high-density rubber make it easy to carry your gear at the park, in your backyard, at camping sites, on beaches, and pretty much anywhere. And finally, when not in use, the Outisan rather conveniently collapses to a fraction of its size, allowing it to be stored in the trunk of your car!

Uphill Power Assist – The electric motors make a 180lbs uphill load feel lighter than 10lbs.

Downhill Speed Control – The motors control your speed, letting you cruise down without taking all the weight on your legs.

Smart Handle System – Place your hand on the handle to activate FlowStride. Take your hands off in an emergency, e-Wagon will automatically brake.

All-terrain Wheels – High-density rubber wheels come with a unique tread pattern that make easy work out of any terrain.

The Outisan comes outfitted with two brushless motors capable of significant torque and is powered by a detachable battery that provides cruising distances of up to 7 miles, making the Outisan comfortable on long outdoor backpacking journeys. However, its most impressive feature is the e-wagon’s proprietary FlowStride technology, an industry-first electric power output that automatically adjusts to your movement or the type of terrain. Unlike an EV that just accelerates and decelerates, Outisan’s movement is guided by you walking ahead of it. It watches you respond to terrain and acts accordingly, with no input from you, the person operating it. All you really need to do is tug at the handle and Outisan takes care of the rest, sort of like a hand-pulled version of pedal-assist technologies found on e-bikes… and the Outisan adjusts for uphill and downhill journeys too.

As capable it is on the insides, the Outisan’s exteriors are a true reflection of the e-wagon’s abilities. The device sports a collapsible form factor that makes it easy to carry the Outisan around in the back of your trunk when not in use. When you need it, pop it open and dock the battery in and your Outisan is ready to use.

It comes with a built-in front LED light that illuminates your path while you pull the wagon along, and the wagon’s handles instantly activate the brakes as soon as you take your hands off the Outisan, quite like the trolleys found at airports. Aside from being built for terrain, the Outisan is IP66 water and dust-resistant too, making it ideal against any weather, and a foldable tailgate lets you carry long/large items in your Outisan without worrying about whether it’ll fit in the wagon’s storage bed. The Outisan is built to transport cargo up to 180lbs, while reducing your effort so you feel like you’re actually pulling as little as 7 lbs! The super early bird pricing for the Outisan starts at a 55% discounted price of $449, and is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, camping/adventure organizers, sports parents, warehouse work, and any situation where lugging heavy items from A to B is a necessity!

Click Here to Buy Now: $449 $999 ($550 off). Hurry, only 65/165 left!