This minimal wooden sideboard features bright orange legs that can store your favorite books

I believe the true essence of a home is held in its furniture. Furniture has the power to make or break a home, set the mood and tone of a space, and capture and express the soul of that particular house. A great furniture design not only feels like a piece of art but also touches your heart. The minute you settle down on it, place your favorite book upon it, or simply brush past it, you need to instantly feel “Ah, I’m home!” And it’s those intricated furniture designs with hidden little details that are the most fun to add to our homes! One such example is the Spacing Sideboard by Deniz Aktay.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

You’ve probably come across Deniz Aktay and his prolific designs during one of your mindless Instagram scrolling sessions. His designs, on the other hand, are completely mindful. His designs vary from a unique bookshelf that functions as a side table to a coffee table design with intriguing layers. They are designed with immense attention to detail, an innate respect for the material in hand, and a desire to provide maximum functionality in a minimal form. And the Spacing Sideboard is a true embodiment of all these characteristics.

The Spacing Sideboard is a simple wooden piece of furniture that is marked by two bright orange legs. These colorful legs are the star attraction of the sideboard! Because here’s the interesting part, Deniz has integrated the legs into the center of the sideboard, and also carefully left them hollow. The hollowness of the diagonal legs allows them to function as storage spaces! The amount of space is ideal to fit a book or two into it. Yes, you can’t place bigger items, such as say your laptop or even a really fat book in it, but it’s a genius storage solution to display a few of your favorite (normal-sized) books!

The rest of the sideboard features a uniform rectangular form and is quite simple, which provides an interesting contrast to the playful legs. The sideboard also features push-to-open drawers that emphasize the length of the sideboard. All in all, the Spacing Sideboard is a smart storage solution with quirky aesthetics that can add an element of joy to your home, while providing great functionality.