Cassina Prive Collection by Philippe Starck

The starting point of the collection features the couple made up of chair and armchair: Caprice and Passion. Remembering the teaching of Jean-Michel Frank, Pierre Chareau, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann, Philippe Starck has designed two compact wrap-around seats, two shells with sinuous profiles, welcoming and protective, whose clean-cut lines are to be topped with a gorgeous quilted cover, a mosaic of leather or fabric which seems to become an elegant and sophisticated gown.

This solution deriving from the up-market tailoring world, achieved with a skill as innovative as it is traditional, is the leit-motif of the upholstery of the whole collection. We see Starck declining the very concept of comfort in a range of solutions which appear to set out to take in every possible variant and to cater for every possible wish. Sitting down, stretching out, lounging at full length, curling up – nothing is forbidden where everything is allowed. Alongside the traditional sofa, enriched with copious cushions and a variety of arm options, there are large upholstered island surfaces, real atolls, than you can sink onto and take up any posture you like with the help of strategic support units of adjustable height and angle of inclination.

Despite the great variety of components, the collection is made up of just a few constructive elements. They are in chromed tubular steel, joined up with just three blending junction pieces. All the seating surfaces are done in soft quilted leather or fabric.

The details are exquisitely designed from the corner joint to the insertions that scan the rhythm of the metal structure, from the details of the cushions that call to mind the finest saddlery, to the elastic support pieces.

Designer: Philippe Starck [ Manufacturer: Cassina ]


  • jose ortiz says:

    love the concept if it ever gets off the drawing pad i would love to buy one let me know when that happens

  • Willzville says:

    It’s the 245 CAPRICE by Cassina. I checked it out and they, like most high-end italian furniture manufacturers, make it very hard to buy that it has just put me off from buying one.

  • lipe says:

    where can I buy one in the US?

  • mitchell says:

    yea where in the usa can you buy this?

  • SouthWind97 says:

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  • Corzine says:

    This piece looks fantastic and exactly what I need for a guest room I have but going to the manufacturers website, the no longer have it listed.

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