These exquisite solar watches use green energy from the sun to keep the timepiece running

In a world dominated by smartwatches with disposable lithium-ion batteries and planned obsolescence life cycles, the Matte Works solar watches are refreshing in more ways than one. Not only are they pretty remarkable wristwatches with an evergreen aesthetic, they also come with solar panels hiding discreetly under the watch dial. These panels pull energy from any light source, be it the sun or artificial interior light. This renewable energy powers the watch thousands of times before the battery on the inside needs to be replaced. Unlike a smartwatch that ends up becoming ‘old news’ after the company launches its next version a year later, the Matte Works solar watches stay classy and functional for years, while underscoring the importance of relying on renewable energy.

Designer: Matte Works Design

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Inspired by the beauty of solar power plant, Solution-01 is powered by light and designed with interchangeable straps.

What’s wonderful about Matte Works’ Solution-01 solar-powered watch is that it doesn’t wear its unique ability on its sleeve. The watch comes with a classic aesthetic that conceals its powerful feature underneath a tinted dial in a way that’s understated and awe-inspiring. You’d never be able to tell that the wristwatch has a solar panel built into it, which is what makes the Solution-01 just so special.

Available in both white or black variants, the watch has a minimalist appeal that seems almost effortless, with a 316L Stainless Steel body, a scratch-resistant sapphire-coated crystal display, and a nylon fabric strap that’s easy to fasten even with one hand (points for accessibility there). The dial itself comes in either black or white, with a matte pattern that’s inspired by the way solar panels are laid out in linear patterns found on roofs or radial patterns in heliostat solar power plants. The watch face is simplistic, with a date window and crown located at the 3 o’clock position. Underneath all this, however, is the Solution-01’s USP, its sun-powered watch movement.

Featuring Interchangeable Straps – Pair Solution-01 with leather or nylon strap for your outfit of the day, without any additional tool.

Minimal, yet Architectural and Utilitarian Case Design – With a design language that emphasizes simplicity, Solution-01 is a contemporary vision while retaining an essential charm.

Solar Power Dial Design – Over the solar panel of the movement features a patterned translucent dial, which is inspired by the structure of the design of solar power plants.

The Matte Works Solution-01 run on a VS42A Japanese Solar Movement, which draws power from a solar panel that sits right under the translucent patterned dial. The wristwatch can run continuously for a staggering 180 days on a full charge (that’s even longer than your average quartz watch), and can even be submerged up to 5 ATM (50 meters) thanks to its water-resistant build. The Solution-01 even comes with an additional strap included in the box (you can opt for a nylon one or even a premium leather strap); an offer that’s limited to its Super Early Bird backers, starting at $195 USD.

Click Here to Buy Now: $195 $285 (32% off). Hurry, only 47/60 left!