This smart open-ear headset wants to combine AirPods and Neuralink into one wearable device

It’s pretty clear that the future of audio devices is being able to hear the music in your head without having any physical product inside your ear… the Sentien Audio aims at taking us a little closer to that future.

The Sentien Audio is probably one of the world’s first smart open-ear headsets. Relying on bone-conducting technology, the headset really doesn’t sit in your ear… instead, it rests on your sideburns, sending music directly into your inner ear by relaying audio vibrations to your temporal bone. The result is an audio experience that feels like sounds “are playing inside your mind”, according to one reviewer. The obvious benefit is that you don’t have to place physical earphones inside your ear and block out external sounds. Moreover, prolonged listening won’t cause any ear fatigue or eardrum damage, since the audio bypasses your eardrum and travels directly into your inner ear! In some instances, bone conducting technology even allows people with certain hearing disabilities to hear again. It’s sort of like having a brain implant that plays audio directly inside your brain…

Bone conducting audio devices aren’t new, although the Sentien Audio is one of the first to bring AirPods-style features to it. The headset comfortably rests around your head and against the front of each ear. It sports a touch-sensitive panel that lets you tap and swipe to do things like skip tracks, play-pause music, increase-decrease volume, and even summon your phone’s voice-assistant. Unlike AirPods and other TWS earphones, the Sentien Audio boasts of a whopping 24-hour battery, allowing you to practically wear it all day and go about listening to music, answering calls, or asking Google Assistant or Siri random questions without worrying about battery life. Coupled with that is a unique adjustable titanium headband that comfortably places the headset on your head in a way that lets you naturally go about your day without worrying about it falling off or causing discomfort. Besides, since the Sentien Audio don’t rest ‘in’ your ears, you can still hear sounds from the world around you, keeping you aware and alert.

The Sentien Audio comes as a single wearable device that fits around your head, resting on your ears in a way that still allows you to wear spectacles comfortably. An adjustable headband made from titanium ensures a secure fit while Sentien, the company, claims that their bone-conducting drivers can privately play music without sound leaking out to people around you… something that’s been a common problem for bone-conducting headphones in the past. Like most TWS earphones, the Sentien Audio is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connectivity, along with double touch-surfaces that support multiple gestures. Sentien, additionally, lets you even program your gestures using third-party applications like IFTTT. The headset is outfitted with two noise-canceling microphones that work perfectly for calls as well as for summoning your phone’s voice assistant, and the Sentien Audio is built to be compatible with all major voice AI’s, from Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa to even the more niche Cortana and Bixby. The headset is even built with IP55 water and dust resistance (so you can comfortably wear the Sentien Audio while working out or in mild rain), and it’s worth noting that they don’t come with a charging case… or to put it another way, they don’t NEED a charging case because with a 24-hour battery life, you’ll realistically be able to get through your entire day without charging them… and some more!

Designer: Sentien

Click Here to Buy Now: $229 $300 ($71 off). Raised over $780,000.

Sentien Audio – Open-ear Headset that Merges Offline & Online Realties

Using bone conduction technology, the Sentien Audio is an audio headset you can wear all day and it does not block your ears. You can control your device through tap, gesture, and voice controls—all on Sentien Audio.

No ear fatigue. Stay aware of your surroundings. Communicate and listen naturally.

Bone Conduction Technology

Bone conduction technology sends audio directly to your inner ear, and serotonin straight to your brain. You don’t just hear your music like you’re at a concert – you feel it in your bones. You’re the only one who can hear it, whether you’re waiting for the subway or carpooling home.

Clear Calls Anywhere You Are

Even if you’re working from home, Sentien Audio’s noise-cancelling microphones make your Zoom meeting feel like you’re face to face. Minus your barking dog.

Fit’s Guaranteed

Adjust the size of the titanium band to perfectly fit your head size and shape. The ergonomic design will make it seem like the headset vanished.

The white mark is only a reference to show the adjustment in action.

Not just different sizes. Different shapes as well.

All-day Battery Life

Over 10 hours of continuous playback of your favorite heavy metal playlist. Or make one charge last for days with normal use.


You can customize the commands you want to use in the Sentien Connect app. Each side of the headset supports 6 intuitive gestures. Configure each gesture to perform the action you want in the Sentien Connect app.

Create even more custom actions with 3rd party applications.

Play / Pause action via Tap.

Intelligent Assistant

Now your voice assistant goes with you everywhere for instant access as natural as a conversation. Activate your favorite AI assistant with a gesture of your choice.

Trigger your favorite AI assistant with a gesture of your choice.

Click Here to Buy Now: $229 $300 ($71 off). Raised over $780,000.