A Car For All Us Cyborgs

Hold on to your head because you’re mind is about to be blown away by this concept called C.S.V. (Cyborg Sensation Vehicle). Inspired by the Mercedes F400 concept, this off-road capable 2-seater is targeted to young adventurous professionals in 2040.

It’s pretty obvious, (thanks Captain Oblivious) what the core concept of this vehicle is just by name. Technology and organics are bound to merge sooner or later. Imagine driving just by thinking. When you sit in the driver’s seat, your though patterns are sent to the vehicle, thus becoming an extension of your body. There’s no need for analog controls.

The implications for such technologies means someday we’ll know how to interpret,  map out, and respond to human neural patterns. If you can put that thought aside for a second, lets focus on the design. There’s a lot of F400 in there but the designer wanted to give the vehicle an organic flavor, hence the muscle fibers flanking each side, neatly tucking into a hidden skeletal system. The result is a design that takes Mercedes Benz DNA and evolves it into an organic object mimicking its pilot.

Designer: Derek Chik Kin Ng



Mercedes-Benz Cyborg Sensation Vehicle C.S.V. by Derek Chik Kin Ng







  • Savox says:

    Is that a plug? Just below the headrest? Don’t get me wrong, I loved The Matrix, but only as a movie, not as reality.

  • dhy444 says:

    very creative, but a little too futuristic for me…

  • mif991 says:

    If humans will plug in, and interact with bio-mechanic vehicles why do a car? why not a flying vehicle since technology then will allow engines be powered by water or trash and ultra-lightweight components will be available by 2040? Haven’t you watched Back to the Future sequels?

  • Sean says:

    We already know how to interpret neural signals. There are people who can control computer mice with their mind. It’s a simple concept, “think left” then figure out what that map looks like with EEG (MRI isn’t exactly portable). Now every time that map is seen, the car is programmed to turn left.

  • Confucius says:

    Theres a Giant ‘T’ missing from your description Chris. Kinda throws the reader off.

    Not bad, but the rear looks like its been in an accident.

  • Swamykant says:

    We have to wait another 30 years. I think we will have more advance vehicles by that time

  • Arcas says:

    Though I like the overall design, I’m not sure how this vehicle can be considered to be off-road-capable. Sure the undercarriage has plenty of ground clearance but it looks like the body panels sheathe the wheels leaving only an inch or two clearance at the bottom. I’d like to see what those wheel panels look like after the vehicle’s first encounter with a pothole or an irregular road surface.

  • stephen russell says:

    Id drive this Big time,.
    Nice machine Benz, Now produce some

  • mif991 says:

    This is the future:

  • Segun says:

    This is an excellent idea that when realized will be a practical example of cybernetic technology @ its best. However, there will be real challenges with using thought to drive a car. There has to be provision made for asynchronous electronic segmentation and parallel processing, of conscious and subconscious thought lines to avoid weird automobile behaviour of vehicles in traffic. I give an example: What happens when a trained driver is driving by thought along a congested highway, and he looks sideways to admire the cleavage of a busty female, consciously thinking about what it would feel like to lay his hands on her but momentarily distracted from the ‘Priority 1′ task of driving with his thoughts? The old, mechanical,’muscle-memory’ reliance on the body is replaced by something entirely electronic/neural. While you’d be able to eliminate reflex problems by reducing reaction time by orders of magnitude, that same mind when distracted can make the car do wild, erratic and life-threatening maneuvers. 🙂

  • Fatih Yuzbasioglu says:

    Why a typical shape of a car if you design it for “cyborg” people?

    Im sure they would have much more different perception of a transportation vehicle rather than a 4 wheel car.

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