Leatherman’s pocket knife with interchangeable blades is made for discovering new adventures

Outdoorsy enthusiasts swear by the Leatherman knifes for their durability and the ability to stay sharp for a lifetime. Fusing them up with an array of multitools brings more possibilities of use on adventures unknown or simply for usual tasks at home. The Portland, Oregon-based company has made a name for itself, and to explore the possibilities of multitools and knives, they have created the Garage division.

Their latest experimental creation is the Batch #003: PARTS multipurpose tool with its unique set of features. A folding knife at heart, the multitool ventures into the world of interchangeable blade options for an EDC.

Designer: Leatherman

According to Leatherman, their motive is to create the best folding knife out there from the current inventory of products in-house. The result, a multipurpose tool crafted out of 26 parts. It gets an innovative interchangeable blade system to swap compatible blades for the needed task at hand. All this while being ergonomically comfortable and highly functional to the last bit. The EDC gets the G10 handle for a better grip.

For starters, the knife can be swapped between the premium S30V stainless steel workblade for hardcore tasks or the 154CM blade tailored for normal household tasks. The two can be swapped via a Torx #6 drive bit, #8 Torx drive bit, and a standard bit driver. These are included in the EDC lanyard to keep everything handy and accessible when most needed.

According to Leatherman, the 3 oz. blade is very easy to launch from the slim and lightweight frame. When not in use it can be kept safe in the G-10 glass laminate scales. I’m sure the blades of the multitool are going to last down the generations too. Just if Leatherman could have included other essential multitools like a screwdriver, scissor, and bottle opener – the utility would have increased three-folds. That I say considering the steep price tag of $230 – but then it’s a Leatherman accessory!