This smart desk ups your work game with a programmable height adjusting feature and a built-in display

How you set up your work environment goes a long way in determining your long-term productivity, and the good old work desk is the best place to get started with. Without a doubt, we were taken aback by the prospect of the Razer Sophia modular desk, wondering what else could tingle our geeky buds. Well, Lumina Desk with an integrated OELD screen on the desk surface definitely makes the cut.

Blending a functional furniture aesthetic with functional technology, this height adjustable desk brings an altogether new way to organize digital spaces for maximum productivity. Designed by a startup company otherwise known for its AI webcam (delivering DSLR level quality), the smart programmable desk is primarily built to bring passive data to the peripheral view in the most non-intrusive way.

Designer: Lumina

There are countless options when we talk of Sit-stand desks with push-button raise/lower action, but Lumina desk is different. The smart furniture piece brings a programmable height adjustment feature to the equation, and it’s going to be highly useful. The in-built Windows and Mac compatible software allows the user to set the start and end times for raising or lowering the height ranging from 30-47-inches.

Now that’s not the sole highlighting feature of this cool desk. The built-in 24-inch screen etched into the 5 feet-long and 2.5 feet deep surface is what got us interested. The scratch-resistant and fingerprint-resistant OLED display is centered in a way to make space for placing the primary monitor along with the secondary screen and keyboard and mouse.

This screen real estate can be used to display apps including Google Calendar, Slack, Spotify, Twitter etc. So, you could also do away with a secondary screen if it’s used just to display apps for quick glance. Although it should be kept in mind, the Lumina Desk, for now, doesn’t have drag and drop function, or mirroring of the primary screen. Also, the 1,200 nits bright and 60Hz refresh rate capable screen is not touchscreen to prevent any accidental touches while placing a coffee mug or frantic mouse movements.

Moving on, the smart desk has dual 20×20 Qi wireless charging pads outputting 100W power. There are six concealed AC outlets (with circuit breakers) and six USB-C ports – each one having 30W output. So, plenty of geeky features for interested buyers. Talking of which, we still are in the dark about the pricing of the Lumina Desk, but it is speculated to be priced at around $1,000. Shipping is expected to start by mid-2023, and if you already like the prospect of it, head over to the official website to reserve a unit.