Bye Bye, Nerd Spray!


Seriously – that what kids are calling an inhaler these days! It’s not just a TV trope. Unfortunately, plenty of other real life word associations with inhalers aren’t very flattering. Their intensely “medical” look doesn’t help with the associated stigma, either. I mean, even dental braces figured out a way to be invisible or at LEAST a little colorful to tone down the lameness – surely there’s a solution for upping the cool factor for a simple inhaler?

Well, there is.. and it’s called LUFT! This sleek collection of containers masks the sterile, medicine look of the pump. Instead, its clad in titanium and delrim acetal resin material for hypoallergenic quality, enhanced durability and the ability to be custom colored to suit the user’s unique style so they can worry less and breath easier!

Designer: Ryan J. Mercier