This futuristic two-seater city vehicle is a cross between a car and motorcycle

Dubbed the Robotic City Car, this hybrid automobile looks quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It comes with an enclosed cabin like a car, but seats two people in a fighter-jet/motorcycle style (one behind the other). Finally, the car sits on three wheels arranged in a 2×1 format, giving it the maneuverability it needs while still keeping it slimmer than conventional trikes seen in parts of Asia.

Designer: Facundo Castellano

The car’s unique format was designed for crowded urban cities, giving you the accommodation of a coupe with the slim format of a motorcycle. The enclosed cockpit makes it easier to commute in bad weather too (unlike motorbikes where the riders end up getting wet) and the car is operated by a standard steering wheel instead of handlebars. Designer Facundo Castellano even hints at self-driving abilities, allowing both driver and pillion passenger to relax as the car’s AI takes control and automatically navigates from A to B.

Although there aren’t many details to work with, what’s abundantly clear is that the Robotic City Car isn’t made for long-distance inter-city travel. Its incredibly low ground clearance means it won’t deal very well with off-road scenarios… although it could probably tightly squeeze into a two-wheeler parking space, which is definitely an advantage in my book!