These luxurious floating pods are an eco-friendly + smart residence on the ocean

I think you can now officially say goodbye to yachts, and sea-facing homes as Ocean Builders is brewing up something better than both of them combined! The Panama-based company designed “the world’s first eco-restorative floating homes”. Created by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis, these luxurious homes will come in three stunning models – SeaPod, GreenPod, and EcoPod.

Designer: Ocean Builders

These aquatic abodes are the perfect culmination of quality craftsmanship and green tech, providing you with a comfortable and sustainable experience on the seas. The SeaPod is quite aptly created for aquatic living, whereas the GreenPod is engineered for land, and EcoPod is the environment-friendly option.

The SeaPod was designed to tackle the issue of lack of space in popular seaside destinations. Ocean Builders CEO Grant Romundt said, “Every day thousands of people all over the world move closer to the top 15 major metropolitan cities which are within 50 miles of a coastline—a trend that will continue to grow…We’ve been motivated by the opportunity to change and challenge the traditional real estate and tourism models and create first-in-class living experiences that can give back to our ocean environment”.

These futuristic offshore structures are almost eight feet above the water and provide 83 square feet of living space. The interiors feature a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and an impressive storage space. Occupying three levels, the pods also feature 575 square feet of panoramic windows and a patio that provides unparalleled and unobstructed views of the ocean.

The cherry on the icing would be the fact that these pods are smart! The residents can control the lighting, temperature, and even the water pressure of showers! Each pod is accompanied by a wearable smart ring for the owner – which allows them to lock and unlock doors, turn on music, and much more. In fact, a fleet of drones will drop food, medicines, and other miscellaneous items to the pods, whereas larger autonomous vehicles will be used to deliver bigger items.  While you enjoy your luxurious stay in the floating pods, Ocean Builders has ensured that a natural habitat for ocean life will be created below each structure.

Luxurious, sustainable, and smart, these floating pods are completely redefining life on the ocean!