Free up space with this modular hanging desk rack

Let your stuff hang around without making a mess with this genius organizer set.

Just as with living spaces, desk space is a limited resource that is almost impossible to expand once it has been made, at least horizontally. That’s why modular desks are so popular because they often let you upsize or downsize, depending on your need. Modular desk accessories are also en vogue, especially the ones that can perform multiple functions, but those inevitably run you out of space as well. It sometimes almost feels like a waste to devote some of that precious space to things that won’t stay there for a long time, like papers you need to file, the book you’re reading, or even the cables you need to charge your phone. That’s why this organizer rack is pretty smart in utilizing a part of a table that is often taken for granted or even ignored, the edge.

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Many productivity gurus advocate having a proper place on your desk, even for more “transient” objects that come and go. Some have a tray, a literal inbox, or even a basket, but those often take up precious space that could be used for more permanent things. They’re also a “one size fits all” kind of thing, so you can’t really use them for anything else or even arrange their parts unless you opted for a modular bin. The Hanging Desk Organizer Set solves all those problems by hanging over the edge of your desk and giving you the freedom to rearrange it to suit your needs.

Intuitive Organizing

As with many seemingly magical modular systems, the secret to the rack’s trick is magnets, very strong magnets. The rack itself is made from sturdy steel and doesn’t actually have any distinct markings on its own. It looks like a square root or radical symbol, where its short flap sticks to the edge of your desk without screws or magnets. The V-shaped space is where you can place things like magazines, letters, files and folders, and more. You can even hang your book over the highest edge as a makeshift bookmark in case you need to quickly pause what you were reading.

Extendable for More Functions

The rack, however, is also like a canvas where you can stick other accessories to provide more ways to hold different kinds of things. The cable holder, for example, magnetically attaches to the edges of the rack itself, and you can position it anywhere to get those pesky wires out of the way. The pin can be used to stick small notes, hang keys and lanyards, or even hold your phone from two ends. There’s also a non-magnetic hook if you really need to hang something heavier. Since these accessories are magnetic, you can even use them outside of the Rack, particularly the pins that can cling to any metallic surface.

The Hook

Magnetic Cable Holder

Magnetic Pin

Magnetic Box

Zero Installation

The rack itself requires no installation and no special surfaces to cling to desks, just a flat and clean edge. It uses special nano micro-suction tape to stick to any flat surface without actually using adhesive. You can remove the rack without worrying about leaving marks, and you can use it again on any table after washing the suction tap to restore its stickiness.

Each piece in this set is made from either steel or aluminum alloy, both durable materials that will last you a lifetime. Their minimalist design and plain colors make them a perfect match for any environment or desk, be it at home or in the office, where sticking things and drilling holes are next to impossible. With this handsome modular rack, you can conveniently live on the edge of productivity by having your stuff live on the edge of your desk, freeing up space so you can get more work done with your most important tools within easy reach.

Click Here to Buy Now: $169. Hurry, only 7/100 left!