8 Reasons Why The Fairway Sunhat Is The Ultimate Outdoor Hat For Hiking, Golfing, and Traveling

I wouldn’t normally use this space to evangelize the features and benefits of a hat, but the Fairway Sunhat really does warrant that kind of an exception. Most hats serve just two purposes, and one of them is optional – providing shade, and looking fashionable. The Fairway Sunhat comes with the kind of engineering that also allows it to boast of additional features like being lightweight, bendable, yet somehow also highly wind-resistant, machine-washable, yet also waterproof, and coming with unusually useful features like having dedicated areas to stash sunglasses and cards, a foldable (and detachable) sun cape, and also cutouts to let your ponytail out through (that’s 8, just in case you weren’t counting!) You could wear the Fairway Sunhat to the desert as well as through a minor hurricane. It’s light enough to perpetually sit on your head, but should you choose, it also has the ability to be tightly folded away and put in your pocket without worrying about it losing shape. Whether you’re golfing, trekking, boating, gardening, or just traveling a foreign country, the Fairway Sunhat rather handily outshines all other hats… while cutting the shine from the harsh mid-day sun!

Designer: C. Damien Henning

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The Fairway is the (lightweight) Champion of wind-resistant sunhats.

Rain is not a problem for the Fairway.

Fold it up, and pack it in a golf bag, purse, day pack, tool box, lunch box or tackle box.

The Fairway Sunhat quite literally dons multiple hats with its myriad of features. Aside from the obvious 360° sun-blocking brim that surrounds the hat, the Fairway’s also designed to withstand rain as well as resist hard wind without the brim sagging down or blowing up. It does all this while being Shapeflexer’s (the company behind the Fairway) lightest hat ever, thanks to a thinner, tougher foam that’s used in the hat’s brim and a thinner yet durable new wire in the brim’s edge. Armed with a chin-strap that lets you secure the hat around your noggin, the Fairway can easily take on wind-speeds of 65mph (105kmh) without the brim folding or inverting like a weak umbrella. The foam doesn’t just make the Fairway Sunhat lightweight, it actually allows the hat to float on water too – a feature exceptionally useful if you’re caught on a windy day in your boat having forgotten to put the chin strap on.

Great for all fast-movement activities like tennis and jogging.

Bend the back brim up as little or as much as you’d like to clear your backpack.

Carrying around a hat as large as the Fairway can sometimes be challenging, but the proprietary foam lining in the Fairway’s brim allows it to be deformed, folded, or crushed without it losing its shape. The shape-memory property of the hat means you can stash it in your suitcase, backpack, or even the pocket of your cargo pants and take it out just when you need it and it’s as good as new. Cinch it with the chin strap or just have the chin strap hanging at the back of the brim instead. The hat just cooperates with you, unlike other hats that either end up compromising on portability or on having a defined shape. Moreover, a ‘ponytail gate’ built into the hat’s design lets you conveniently route a ponytail from inside the hat rather than having to wear it with your hair open or in a bun.

The deployable neck cape is a must.

Secure your sunglasses with the back bungee sizing cord.

Of course, a ponytail isn’t all you’d carry with you, which is why the Fairway’s design also conveniently accounts for other ‘accessories’ like your sunglasses, which secure around a cord at the back for easy access… as well as cards, which fit inside a nifty sleeve on the underside of the hat’s brim. Conversely, the card pocket also lets you store the Fairway’s detachable neck cape instead. The cape is an absolute essential for harsh sunny days, helping prevent a sunburnt neck from spending too much time out during the day. Pop the neck cape out and it hooks to the inside of your hat, staying secured to your Fairway Sunhat even when you take the hat off. Don’t want the neck cape, either tuck it back into its pocket or detach it completely and stash it in a pocket in your pants or leave it at home.

Enjoy this world without UV rays.

The Fairway Sunhat comes from Shapeflexer, a company that’s pretty much devoted itself to the art of perfecting hats. After two successful Kickstarter campaigns, they’re back with what they claim is by far the best hat they’ve ever made. That might sound hyperbolic but on paper, the Fairway is stronger, more flexible, lighter, and more versatile than any of Shapeflexer’s hats. The Fairway Sunhat comes in three sizes that fit all kinds of heads from Small to XXXL, with as many as 10 colors to choose from. Each hat is also designed to be washing-machine and dryer friendly, allowing you to keep your hat as well as your head fresh when you’re outdoors, whether it’s hiking a mountain, playing a round of golf, touring a country, fishing on a lake, going on a cruise, or just sitting outdoors with a beer in one hand and gardening tools in the other!

Click Here to Buy Now: $38 $50 (25% off). Hurry, only a few left! Raised over $200,000.