An Interactive Wall Hanger!

I love playful design, and this product definitely fits into this category! KÖLLEN TRYK is a wall hanger with a difference; by adding an interactive element, into what is conventionally a simple and unobtrusive product, the user is able to create a multitude of different compositions to suit their needs.

A series of oversized, wooden buttons sit flush against the contrasting white color of the body, this is until they are pressed, when they suddenly protrude out of the wooden construction to create a useful hanger that can be used to hold bags, coats and other belongings.

This visually interesting design makes for an intriguing feature on the wall and certainly draws more attention than your standard wall hanger. Its humble wooden construction also creates a lovely shelf that can hold potted plants or keys, making KÖLLEN TRYK a beautiful yet functional addition to any home.

Designer: Paula Terra Bosch of Köllen Design