This folding chair perfectly balances its Japanese materiality with Scandinavian aesthetics!

Furniture for small spaces is essential and can make the difference between you loving or disliking your cozy zone. So why let an ordinary bulky piece of furniture take up the precious space when a compact chair that can fold up to store in some corner can fill its boots? There are a number of superb examples of folding chairs, but where the Departo folding chair makes room for its exclusivity is its portable form factor – you can set it up on the balcony, for a dinner party – fold, hold it by its leather strap and carry it to where life takes you later!

Arguably, many folding chairs are conceived with the concept of portability but their design anomalies leave them high and dry. Departo folding chair however offers a high-quality seating solution conjured up with unification of aesthetics of two cultures. The utilitarian chair is built with Scandinavian design inspiration and focus on Japanese materiality realized with the steel frame and ash wood legs. The rounded wooden backrest of the chair complements the comfy canvas seat while the leather handle allows for easy carrying.

Provided in light ash and dark ash colors, this hand-crafted foldable seating solution is a brainchild of Departo founders Glenn Pushelberg, George Yabu and Yuichiro Hori and is priced at $295 apiece. Departo folding chair is a piece of contemporary furniture whose minimalist design, warm simplicity and inherited advantages of easy to carry, is a solution well thought out for urban apartments, travel trailers, and tiny homes.

Designer: Departo