JLab Open Sport earbuds hook onto any pair of glasses, priced very sensibly

Sony Linkbuds changed the way we perceive open-ear audio in a space dominated by TWS earbuds with superior ANC levels. Just as we were wondering what else could stir up the domain, JLab has caught our attention for good.

Their latest pair of open-ear audio earbuds completely revamp the perceived image of such similar earphones. With a design-forward shift in the open-ear and sports audio space, the JLab Open Sport is the perfect option to choose over the contemporary and bone conduction ones.

Designer: JLab
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So, what makes these otherwise ordinary-looking earbuds special? Well, they can attach to the user’s eyewear based on the activity in question, and of course, the user’s preferences. Versatility is at the core of these IPX4-rated earbuds, and that too at a very attractive price tag of $80. Stash them against the likes of Bose Sports Open earbuds, Aftershokz Open Run Pro, or the Sony Linkbuds. The flexibility to use them with your glasses or sunglasses for any number of situations is what makes them worth every penny. Also, worth considering is the 27.8 grams lightweight build which is less than the above-mentioned heavyweights.

They can adjust to any ear shape courtesy of the flexible earhooks or cling on to the temples of glasses/sunglasses/reading glasses with adjustable clips. This makes the Open Sport wireless earbuds ideal for the morning run, multitasking at the desk, or casual listening while on the daily commute. The modular buds boast a battery life of 7 hours that can be extended to 17 more hours in the case. Since these earbuds don’t create a seal, they let in ambient noises to keep you aware of the environment.

Multi-device connectivity is also not ignored with these earbuds as they can sync with two devices simultaneously. The case on these ones looks a little flimsy since it is not completely closed, and the earbuds could fall or be untethered from the housing with little force. Therefore, they are only meant for audio listeners who treat their possessions with much love and care. Other than that, the JLab Open Sport wireless earbuds are bang for the buck for any kind of audiophile!