In the Air, Taste the Taste

Say hello to “Vino Arielle,” a wonderfully simple wine aerator made for the accentuation of all wines. It’s a lovely black and transparent object you can easily use, clean, and store just like a cup. Made by those who love to taste their wine, smell their wine, experience their wine. But that’s not to say it’s for expensive wine purchasers – the Vino Arielle does not discriminate.

As you can see, the V.A. is about the size of a wine cup, and requires no more effort to use than pouring the wine through a sieve.

It’s just the wine aerator you need.

And it’s totally classy.

Designer: LCMS Consulting [ Buy It Here – Available for $35 at the YD Store]


Vino Arielle wine aerator by LCMS Consulting

Vino Arielle – A simple thing for amazing tastes. Available for $35 at the YD Store