The Fridge Sucks in the Best Way


Vacuum sealers are one of those great ideas that only seems to exist in infomercials because I don’t know anyone who actually uses one. Perhaps if it were built into the refrigerator, it might actually come in handy! That’s the idea behind Zero – a smart fridge that aims to bring your food waste and wasted space down to zero.

A vacuum sealer feature is integrated directly on the door so you can quickly seal and store unused food. Just place the food item in the bag, place the edge into the slot and it will remove air before sealing it. This prolongs the usability of items ranging from meat to fruit, keeping them fresh and protecting them from bacteria. When food is vacuum sealed, it also marks the “best before date” and transmits the type of food and its expiration date to the user’s smartphone so they can easily check expiration dates. This comes in handy when grocery shopping and when deciding what to have for dinner!

As for storage, the buit-in hanging system makes it easy to access packaged items and also make storage more efficient by occupying space that would otherwise be empty.

Designers: Wanki Kim, Ara Jo, Seunghee Seo, Soyeon Na & Nahyeon Park