This LEGO G-Shock Mudmaster looks just about as realistic as the original

It’s proportionally accurate, has a stunningly realistic dial, and can even be worn on your wrist. The LEGO G-Shock Mudmaster comes with a display stand and even has a set of interchangeable straps, all made out of LEGO bricks. In fact, the only thing this timepiece can’t do is tell the time… but then again, is it even supposed to?!

Modeled after a timepiece from one of the most iconic rugged wristwatch brands, this G-Shock Mudmaster will most likely fool you into thinking it’s the real deal. You see, the LEGO brick’s inherent chunky, blocky design lends exceptionally well to the G-Shock’s rugged brand language. The design comes from the mind of LEGO Builder Pedro Jimenez, who submitted this concept to the LEGO Ideas forum where it’s currently racking up votes in a bid to turn the one-off build into a readily available LEGO box set.

Designer: Pedro Jimenez

The LEGO G-Shock Mudmaster is unshakeable proof that with just the right LEGO bricks, you can build just about anything, from a functioning orrery to even a lawnmower. Although Pedro hasn’t specified how many bricks it takes to build the Mudmaster, it looks fairly complicated compared to average LEGO builds and even comes with a glass cover, a realistic dial with hands, a digital screen sitting at the 6 o’clock position, and all the text and branding needed to convince even the toughest of critics.

Along with the watch, Pedro even built out a plastic stand that lets you put your timepiece on full display. From afar, it’s practically indistinguishable from the real deal!

At just over 1000 votes, Pedro is slowly inching towards the 10K vote margin required for LEGO to consider the fan-made build for retail. To be honest, this is one of the more impressive LEGO MOCs (My Own Creation) I’ve ever seen. It isn’t often that you come across something so stunningly realistic. I mean, the watch even comes with its own set of replaceable straps! (and for all intents and purposes, this one is probably insanely waterproof too…)

Click here to vote for the G-Shock Mudmaster in the LEGO Ideas forum.