This transparent birchwood cabin in the Italian Alps provides the ultimate glamping experience

Located in the alpine village of Usseaux in Italy’s Piedmont region is the beautiful little ‘Immerso’ glamping cabin. Designed by Italian architects Fabio Vignolo and Francesca Turnaturi this mesmerizing cabin allows guests to leave behind the hectic city life, go off-grid, and unwind in the calmness of nature. You can lay under the stars, gaze at them for hours, and reconnect with nature in this transparent cabin!

Designer: Fabio Vignolo and Francesca Turnaturi

The prefab shelter is easily moveable and takes only two hours to set up! Composed of birch plywood and plexiglass, the 65-square-foot modular cabin was designed with the goal of being ‘easy-to-assemble and flat-packed’. It can be built on-site without the use of any electrical equipment or much technical knowledge.

“In order to achieve Immerso, the production processes have been optimized to achieve the first module built with fully interlocking birch phenolic plywood panels, for which the hardware is only used to anchor the transparent coating to the structure,” said, the architects. “The peculiarity of Immerso is therefore the extreme ease of assembly, even by non-expert operators, in a very short time, through a few simple steps and without the use of tools powered by electricity and operational capabilities. this makes Immerso suitable to be quickly transported and assembled in many different contexts.”

A transparent roof, an almost transparent facade, full-height windows, and long birchwood panels make up the body of Immerso. The transparent roof is the star of the cabin, as it allows the guests to completely immerse themselves in the alpine surroundings. You can get lost in the stunning starry sky, and the majestic mountains, facilitating a complete reconnection with nature. The rustic and minimal interiors feature a double bed and a small stool that functions as a side table.

If you’re looking for a beautiful European mountain getaway, then Immerso is the best bet for you. You can book it for around $90 on Airbnb.