This beautiful wooden home in Osaka, Japan is marked by tranquil gardens

Designed by Atsushi Kawanishi Architects, the Nightingale House is a beautiful wooden house located in Osaka. The home focuses on establishing genuine connections to nature and helping you feel at one with it. Occupying almost 1400 square feet, the house includes six multi-sized patios in its structure. This creates a strong indoor-outdoor connection and blurs the boundaries between both spaces.

Designer: Atsushi Kawanishi Architects

The most interesting feature of the home is that it connects three gardens in the interiors, and two gardens in the surrounding environment. The front garden is the perfect location for the neighbor’s children to play and make firewood. The south garden has winds continuously blowing into it and provides views of the Osaka Airport, and Osaka’s city center. While, the interiors of the third garden function as a buffer, that connect the outside garden with the inside section of the home.

“Each location has a unique facade and leads to other parts of the residence. The garden and the living room are connected in the interweaving of each other and are connected to the outside world.”

The house is also highlighted by three triangular roofs of varied slopes and levels, that rise from a flat platform, placed above the ground floor. These intriguing and simple geometric forms perfectly complement the mountains situated behind the home. The living area is beautifully interwoven with the aforementioned gardens, creating a space that is open, warm, and green. Wall-height windows allow constant connection to the gardened area. The detailing of the interiors is curved and diagonal, adding depth and character to the house, as well as forming a loose spatial connection.

The interiors are primarily highlighted by timber surfaces. The use of wood and plaster creates a playful combination of light and shadow throughout the home. The home’s minimal and soft interiors, as well as the zen courtyard, create a living space that feels so characteristically Japanese, and would be an absolute delight to reside in!