Finally a weatherproof everyday carry kit classy enough to carry everywhere!

Men are super lucky to always have outfits with pockets and that’s why they can actually carry this cool EDC (Everyday Carry) kit of essentials with them. These aren’t just your regular items, they are more like functional accessories with a compact form for those who won’t compromise on practicality or a clean look. This sleek kit comes in a weatherproof case, so you truly can carry it every day and everywhere without having to cram your pockets or find a friend who is carrying a bag.

James Brand and Aether have created this monochromatic daily essential kit that includes a branded Moleskin notebook with a limited-edition pen, and knife, both having a diamond-patterned grip for ease of use. The pocket knife is not your usual one attached to a keyring, it was designed with a special 2.5″ blade, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a bottle opener, and James’ “All Things” scraper and pry. The exclusive knife also has a safety function where the blade locks, especially when applying a lot of force. Strong and super durable straps hold the knife and pen in place while the small gadgets and cords are neatly packed with the help of an elastic daisy chain.

There is no such thing as too many pockets especially when you don’t carry around a purse, so this EDC kit also has an internal zippered pocket that serves as a place to keep cash or small necessities. Making most of its form and function, the notebook pocket doubles as a passport pocket with three credit card slots making it perfect for travel as well. This is, in every essence, the modern man’s EDC kit with essentials that are multifunctional, practical, space-saving and classy – an everyday kit as ready to take on the world as you are!

Designer: James Brand + Aether

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