This 19th century-style desk with modern aesthetics is a great alternative to your regular workstation

In the growing work from home culture, a workstation at home has become a must for every individual. There are scores of options on the market you can find. However, all the workstations have a similar table chair combo – whether you go in for a sophisticated material or an ordinary choice. Taking us back into the 19th-century households, a designer has conceived a contemporary version of the pre-modern day desk, called the Floor Desk, that by the mere look instantly reminds us of the era it belongs to.

The desk constructed with a combination of high-end wooden material is distinguished by its appearance and exquisite details that celebrate the urbaneness of the ancient-style desk. The young Korean designer behind the rendition, informs that a desk in the 19th century catered as a tool for reading and writing. Since the rooms at home were usually small, the desks were made low and small to not look overwhelming in the room. The desks back then were more like chests with storage under the tabletop. For a modern twist to the wooden desk, the designer has scrapped the storage from underneath the tabletop to create space for the user’s legs and has instead incorporated it as an open shelf on the left side. Our method of using the workstation may have changed, but with its subtle innovative approach, the Floor Desk does give us a new way to work.

Aesthetically, the Floor Desk offers both legroom and storage. It has baton-style sturdy legs that hold on a thickish top. The left legs are attached to a small plank –with a set of short legs – which functions as a small storage space for instance to keep your notepad while working on the laptop. Standing desks are gaining popularity. and there is no doubt, people will appreciate the idea of sitting on the floor and working, without compromising the comfort of a table and chair.

Designer: Kyungah Sohn