Decked out decks

I remember when I was just a young lad, my skateboard was practically fused to my feet. It was seriously a part of my body and would often skate from my bedroom to my kitchen just to get a bowl of Coco Puffs. A skateboard is a very personal possession and I would go to great lengths to “customize” it to death with stickers and colorful wheels. Well the days of limited customizability are gone forever with these jaw dropping skateboard design by Corbus Boards. Dispensing with standard wood, these aluminum boards weigh about as much as a standard long board and can be cut to any design you like (as long as your design allows for proper foot placement). Somewhere between trick board and long board, these boards are not for riding rails but seriously tricked out regardless.

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  • 9531028 says:

    pretty cool

  • alex says:

    Pretty Awesome!

  • jerome demers says:

    Pretty Sweet!

  • zippyflounder says:

    Very cool, well presented, shows a knowlage of the market place and if priced right should provide good income to the company and long term enjoyment to the owner…zippy gives it 2 fins up.

  • Kidder says:

    Is it weird that I find the gas mask chick hot… Baby got back!

    On a more serious note, wouldn’t the “rib cage” on the fish bone design be quite susceptable to buckling?

  • Will says:

    I want to learn to skateboard just so that I can get one of these.

  • poom says:

    “knowledge of the market” are you taking the piss?
    no self respecting skater would ever skate one of those, they’re for people who care more about what they look like rather than actually skateboarding.

    besides, they’d be well hard to skate, there’s barely anywhere to put your feet!

  • qwe says:

    Poseurs Unite!

    They aren’t being ridden because they can’t be ridden – I’ve snapped dozens of boards in half and these wouldn’t make it through 5 minutes.

    Product Design != Gratuitous Crap Accessories

    • Hollis Ervin says:

      I really doubt you’ve been snapping solid aluminum skateboards in half.

  • @FDBH says:

    Could be nice, but not.
    1 The commercial pictures are too scary
    2 Those people are very far away from true skateboard culture
    May be they shall work it from another angle …. keep using wood … think twice before setting a mettalic peace and love / ufo logo in the middle of the board !!! wow ….

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